Customize Your Ride in the Ford Mustang

When you get a Ford Mustang at Gene Langley Ford Inc in Humboldt, you're getting a car that can be customized to your unique driving preferences. This popular sports car has an intuitive instrument cluster that allows you to make adjustments to how your car looks and performs.

The available digital instrument cluster uses a 12-inch LCD screen. It replaces the traditional gauges and offers much more flexibility in what you see. The digital gauges can be customized to look however you want. You can change color, layout, and so much more. The accompanying text can also be changed to display performance metrics, speed, fuel, and more.

The customization options go far beyond aesthetics. The available MyMode system allows you to modify the way your car handles the road. You can change things like steering and exhaust. Once you save your preferences, your Mustang will remember them and apply the adjustments every time you get behind the wheel.



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