Ford Focus Technology Features Make Driving Even Easier!

The Ford Focus has all of us talking about its great technology features at Gene Langley Ford Inc. The Focus is a well-rounded compact car that delivers smart technology. If you love to stay safe and zip around Humboldt on time, this car can help you stay on schedule! Features like the rearview camera and intelligent access are a great start to any busy day.

The rearview camera is a feature that will allow you to check behind the car before you move the car. Putting your Focus in reverse will activate the camera on the screen. Once you check your surroundings and the camera view, you are free to go.

Intelligent access is a feature that will allow you to have a key with you but not have to dig for it to get into your car. Push-button start is activated in the same manner. This allows for quick access during those busy days in the car.



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