The popular Ford Ranger has some great performance features that you might have checked out, but some people forget to explore the new tech features this automaker added to this midsize truck. We are here to fix that and tell you about two.

Rocking Connection

The vehicle comes with Sync 3, which is an advanced voice recognition system that is quite sensitive. This is the kind of system that anyone would love because it recognizes simple speech, and it helps you control the infotainment system and connected smart devices.

Safe Driving

The Ranger is ready to make your drive cooler with Sync 3, but it is also ready to make it safer. What you've got here is the pre-collision system that senses your surroundings for you. It warns you if you are getting a little too close to another vehicle and charges up your breaks; this makes them ready for a quick response. The Ranger wants to save lives in Humboldt and everywhere else.

You probably aren't satisfied with just knowing about these features. You probably want to experience them, which is great. That is why we offer test drives so that you can finally experience all this midsize truck has to offer.



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