When an automobile's engine produces plenty of horsepower and torque, general towing jobs don't strain key mechanical components under its hood. The Ford Expedition has one of the best engines for towing, and its powered by EcoBoost technology.

The EcoBoost engine has two technologies that produce power and torque for demanding towing jobs. The main component is the direct injection hardware. It dramatically boosts power that's taken from each drop of gasoline that travels through the engine. As power is maximized, two turbochargers generate a surge of power when extra torque is needed. These chargers don't overheat quickly because they have strategic cooling components.

EcoBoost provides power very consistently on the road. During a test drive, you can observe its horsepower and torque. In Humboldt, you can check out the latest Expedition models and arrange a test drive at Gene Langley Ford Inc. We have Ford Expeditions in a variety of colors and trims.



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