When the decision has been made to purchase an SUV, it typically means that you need a vehicle to transport and keep comfortable a larger group of passengers. Many things go into maintaining passenger comfort including technology. Luckily, the 2020 Ford Expedition comes with technology features that add to passenger comfort.

The 2020 Expedition has the things that you need to keep every comfortable and content as you navigate the streets of Humboldt. The available Dual Headrest Rear Entertainment system is the perfect solution for those traveling in the rear of the Expedition. Whether passengers want to view your home cable stations, watch a DVD, or plugin a game system, they have that option to stay relaxed and comfortable.

To help everyone stay connected and at ease, the new Ford Expedition has FordPass with 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot. This feature, that is powered by AT&T, provides an internet connection for up to 10 devices. This ensures that everyone is connected during the ride.


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