If you want an SUV for the space that it offers but without the intimidating size that many SUVs are known for, then consider the Ford Explorer ST. The overall design of the Explorer ST has an aggressive appearance with larger wheels, black accents, and an impressive grille.

The V6 engine offers plenty of power while still giving you the fuel efficiency that you desire while on the road in Humboldt. Three rows of seats in the SUV allow for comfortable space for family and friends. You can also fold the seats to carry cargo when needed.

A sloped roofline is a new feature for the SUV, giving it a modern design along with better sculpting details on the body. All-wheel-drive allows for navigating various types of terrain with ease. While at Gene Langley Ford Inc, you can view the sport design option that features dual exhaust on both sides of the vehicle as well as slightly larger wheels.


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