The Ford Maverick is a new truck from the company that has been making quality cars for over 100 years. This SUV offers plenty of capability features to meet your needs and desires. The first thing you notice about the Maverick is its smooth performance.

Whether entering a corner at high speeds or during long trips, you'll experience excellent comfort. The body style has been designed with care and offers just enough room for up to five passengers. For your enjoyment, it also offers an AM FM radio which comes in handy while driving cross-country or listening to your favorite music. The Maverick also comes with large windows for maximum visibility, especially when changing lanes on the highway.

You'll also love the way it handles in any weather condition. Whether its the middle of summer or the dead of winter, this amazing SUV will never let you down. When traveling at night, you can enjoy high-quality illumination regardless of poor road conditions or bright sunlight. This vehicle only weighs 2,500 pounds and offers 5 liter engine power.


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