The Ford Ranger Adventure has the power to take you places. This truck's offroad and on-road capability was one of the main reasons it has been a great car. The Ford Ranger Adventure was a great car because of its offroad capability. This truck is equipped with a powerful 3.2L 5cyl motor that can produce 108kw of power. It also has an automatic 6-speed transmission that allows you to control when you want to change gears.

The Ford Ranger Adventure can provide you with a smooth ride when travelling on the road. This capability can be accredited to its independent suspension that handles bumps and holes in the road smoothly.

This vehicle is also equipped with Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Hill Start Assist (HSA). The vehicle automatically senses when you are about to lose control with electronic stability control and quickly adjusts itself to get you back on track. Hill-start assist has the vehicle hold for a second or two once you take your foot off the brake while travelling uphill. This allows you to have better traction while ascending. The Ford Ranger Adventure is a great vehicle that cannot only take you places but also give you a smooth ride!


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